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Susținere publică a tezei de doctor - Toncoglaz Maxim Tema tezet - „Particularitățile ordinii juridice a uniunii europene din perspectiva adoptării și aplicării dreptului european”. Susținerea va avea loc în incinta USEM, aud. 200A, pe data 07.03.2024, ora 12.00.

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Faculty of Law

   The faculty of law of the University of European Studies of Moldova was founded in 1992. It is preparing highly qualified specialists, which can work as: lawyers, notaries, consultant in legal issues, social workers, university professors, investigators ( Customs Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Anticorruption Center) employs at Security and Intelligence Service, persecutors, judges, scientific researchers est.
At the graduation the students receive a Bachelor’s degree, which is considered to be as an access to future studies (masters) in any university of the country, including USEM, and other prestigious academic centers abroad.
First educational cycle. Specialty: Law.
  • Economic (civil) law;
  • Criminal law;
  • International law;
  • Constitutional and administrative law.
Second educational cycle. Masters Degree:
  • Economic (civil) law;
  • Criminal law;
  • International law;
  • Constitutional and administrative law.
   The faculty promotes the concept of open collaboration in teaching and scientific areas with diverse Universities of our country and academic centers of other states, that is shown by the participation of the professors and students at different international scientific activities, professional development training that took place at prestigious Universities from Europe and USA.
   The professors of the Faculty of Law, USEM, are studying for the master’s degree and for PhD in Universities of Romania, Russia, Holland, Belgium, France, and Germany. Also great professors and famous specialists  from USA, Germany, France, Russia, Romania are invited to Chisinau in order to teach Bachelor’s and Master’s  theoretical and practical courses.
   The University is very proud to have well prepared professors, with such a vast didactic, scientific and practical experience. 
   The professors of the Faculty of Law contribute a lot for the professional development of the students; they create appropriate conditions for developing as many legal activities as is possible, so the students would have the opportunity to practice more and to understand the national and international legal system.