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Conferință organizată de către Școala Doctorală: „Științe juridice și relații internaționale”, USEM în parteneriat cu Catedra Drept privat a Facultății de Drept, USEM.

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Facultatea de Jurnalism şi Științe ale Comunicării

The Faculty of Journalism and communication is the newest subdivision of USEM, it was created in 2005.
The Faculty offers studies for the specialty Journalism and media processes (agency Journalism, TV Journalism, Journalism on-line, cultural Journalism, politic Journalism, international Journalism est.), Full-time studies - 3 years. 

The students that have the necessary qualities for being journalists, like impartiality, the spirit of criticism and great writing manners , are embraced to come to this specialty. The other students that desire to work as mediators between different public institutions are welcomed to come to Communication science.
The specialist in communication: the grad of this faculty can be employed and work alone, or he/she can work in a group that can be consisted of psychologists, sociologists, philologists, economists est. at a radio station, TV station, magazine, advertisement agencies, the office of Public Relations, parliament, the ministers, political party, (political analyst, prime speaker of party), embassies (press director)est.

The graduates of the faculty of journalism and public communication, the specialists in journalism  can work in media institutions( editorial of radio/tv stations, magazines, press agencies, embassies)est.

If everybody knows what a journalist specialty consists of then the relationist one is not very known, because the specialty of Public Relations is quite new in mass media world.
The modern Public Relations was born in a crisis moment for the world of business, it came to remake the bad image of magnates of industry.

The professors of the faculty of journalism and public communication make everything  possible in order to teach the students the best qualities that can help them in their future work. The students get different job opportunities during the university studies.
For example:
The major part of the graduates of 2008 year, have been employed in June already:
  • Aliona Savca- Radio Antena C,
  • Alina Dabija- Radio Kiss FM,
  • Ana Moghilda- Theagency of Public Relations” Parc Communication”,
  • Lyuba Perciun- PR manager “Zdob si Zdub”,
  • Eugen Botnaru- TV station “CTC” and Radio “Noroc”,
  • Elena Rotaru- TV station “CTC”.
Other student that showed a great interest in studying at this faculty at USEM and had good grades got employed too.
In 2012, as a result of selecting the projects of the Tempus Program, round nr. 5, was nominated the project 530599-TEMPUS-1-20121-DE-TEMPUS-JPCR-CROSSMEDIA, where USEM was called to be a partner. 
The project is coordinated by Valentina Enachi, the head of the Journalism and Communication department.
The main goal of the project is to train the students of the faculty and familiarize them with new informational technologies of mass-media.
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