University of European Studies of Moldova - Tradition, Actuality, Future

Educational institution "University of European Studies of Moldova" (USEM) is an integral part of the education system of Moldova, and is active in accordance with the Moldovan Constitution, legislation, international agreements and conventions signed by the Republic of Moldova.
USEM is the successor institution of the "Law Academy of Moldova", which was founded on October 7th, 1992.

The main objectives of the University are: preparation, training and retraining of specialists and high-level scientific personnel in various fields to promote scientific research, ensuring aspirations to deepen and expand higher education. USEM promotes the newest educational and informational technologies in teaching and scientific process, which ensure the education of high level professionals, according to contemporary imperatives, in accordance with the Bologna Process.
USEM has the legal framework that permits the organization and development of undergraduate (first cycle), master (second cycle) and doctorate studies.  
USEM is an institution accredited by the state authorities of the Republic of Moldova, in accordance with the current legislation.
Studies at USEM are conducted in Romanian, Russian and English languages.
University of European Studies of Moldova includes six faculties:

>>Faculty of Law

>>Faculty of Economics

>>Faculty of Modern Languages

>>Faculty of Journalism and Communication Science

>>Faculty of Psychology and Social Work

>>Faculty of Political Science and International Relations

USEM has various extracurricular activities:
1. The Lawyers Office “Jurisprudența”
In this subdivision, students acquire from their teachers, practicing lawyers, knowledge, practical skills and specific information, which is extremely useful for their future career of lawyers.
2. The Law Clinic of USEM
 In this Clinic students, under the guidance of experienced teachers and practitioners, provide legal advice, free of charge, for people who cannot afford a lawyer.
3. Student Senate
4. Department of International Relations
Contribute to the development of education by adopting a particular strategy:
• Development and introduction of new academic courses;
• Invoking scientific potential overseas university activities;
• Ensuring students’ mobility etc.
USEM has signed collaboration agreements with different universities from Romania, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria etc.
The administration of the University of European Studies of Moldova  is open for suggestions, comments and opinions exposures on this website, Facebook page, by papered letters, sent by mail, or through the special USEM Corruption hotline: 022 509 122, 022 509 141, 022 509 147.
Facilities for students:
• Healthy meals in the University's Cafeteria at affordable prices;
• Educational and training activities extra curriculum.
The studies at USEM are based on a contract, with a tuition fee.