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Susținere publică a tezei de doctor - Toncoglaz Maxim Tema tezet - „Particularitățile ordinii juridice a uniunii europene din perspectiva adoptării și aplicării dreptului european”. Susținerea va avea loc în incinta USEM, aud. 200A, pe data 07.03.2024, ora 12.00.

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The 10th edition of the Model OSCE for Youth

This year, the OSCE Mission to Moldova will organize its 10th edition of the Model OSCE for Youth, a simulation game that engages youth in conflict resolution by reproducing the Permanent Council of the OSCE during a crisis situation. The participants will represent an OSCE participating State and other relevant actors who work together to resolve a crisis.

During the four-day event, the participants will receive negotiation skills training and learn about the work of the OSCE, OSCE structures, consensus-based decision-making and the history of the Organization.  

The OSCE Mission to Moldova is looking for 22 motivated university students or recent graduates in Balti, Chisinau, Comrat and Tiraspol who want to become diplomats for one day.

Three best participants of the Model OSCE will attend an OSCE Permanent Council meeting in the OSCE Secretariat in Vienna, Austria.

If you want to apply, fill in the application form and send together with your CV to with “Model OSCE” in the subject line until 1 October 2023.

Participation in the Model OSCE is free of charge. Accommodation, transportation and meals will be provided for the duration of the event.

The aim of the Model OSCE is to build confidence and strengthen dialogue between young women and men from both banks of the Dniester/Nistru River. The Model OSCE was first organized by the OSCE Mission to Moldova in 2013.

Learn more about the Model OSCE from the Brochure below and find out about previous Model OSCE editions here and here