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Economic and legal aspects of digitalization in the context of globalization - March 4-5, 2022

University of European Studies of Moldova (Republic of Moldova)

DANUBIUS University of Galati (Romania)

University of Management «TISBI» (Russia)

The All-Russian State University of Justice (Russia)

Petre Andrei University of Iași (Romania)

Baku Business University (Azerbaidjan Republic)

INFOR ELEA Smart Business Academy (Italy)

WSG University in Bydgoszcz (Republic of Poland)


INVITATION (pdf format)

Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the work of the International Scientific SymposiumEconomic and legal aspects of digitalization in the context of globalization


March 4-5, 2022


The University Of European Studies Of Moldova is very pleased to host the second edition of the International Scientific Symposium on March 04-05, 2022.

The international scientific community, in the context of the latest societal challenges, is interested in scientific research and studies on the processes of digitization of activities at all levels. The new experiences of digitization, implemented by some areas less interested in these technologies have created both difficulties and conveniences. The future trends of globalization-oriented digitization are the focus of discussions at the International Scientific Symposium, approached by its participants as members of the scientific community and the public-private environment interested in knowing the pros and cons of the phenomenon we face. In this context, we invite all those interested, researchers, young researchers, scientists, professionals, well-known people, etc. to actively participate in communications and debates to address the multilateral and interdisciplinary topic.

The results of the discussions will be submitted for publication in the materials of the International Scientific Symposium indexed in the IBN with the assignment of the ISBN

Important dates

Registration for conference attendance

Submitting the topic and abstract

Sending the article in extenso

Message on Acceptance of the article

Issuance of materials and certificates

01 February - 20 February 2022

20 February - 03 March 2022

20 February - 03 March 2022

29 March - 07 April 2022


Main research directions

  1. Economic sciences
  2. Legal Sciences
  3. Communication science


The communication languages of the symposium: Romanian, Russian, English.

Participation is free.

Contact person: Șargu Lilia +37368132020 and Alibekov Shakhizin +79207970201

Please access the link for the registration

Articles will be sent to the address

The authors are fully responsible for the originality of the paper, the accuracy of the calculations, the experimental data and the scientific interpretations, as well as for the correct wording in Romanian, English and Russian. 

Please access here the template

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