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Catedra „Drept Public” din cadrul Universității de Studii Europene din Moldova organizează Conferința științifică studențească interuniversitară națională cu participare internațională „Mecanisme naționale și internaționale de protecție a drepturilor omului în contextul promovării valorilor europene”, care va avea loc la data de 10 februarie 2023.

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01 September 2022

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Welcome to UESM!

University of European Studies of Moldova (USEM) is a higher private education institution, a component part of the education system in the Republic of Moldova and activates according to all the related legislation. The history of the university begins in 1992. On October 7th the "Law Academy of Moldova" was founded. In 2005 it became University of European Studies of Moldova. USEM promotes the newest educational and informational technologies in teaching and scientific process, which ensure the education of high-level professionals, according to contemporary imperatives, in accordance with the Bologna Process. USEM has the legal framework that permits the organization and development of 1st cycle – Bachelor’s degree studies (full-time and part-time studies), 2nd cycle – Master’s degree studies (full-time studies) and 3rd cycle – Doctoral studies (full-time and part-time education).